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Total Transparency

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is the only local rescue that posts their operating expenses online when they are paid.

The Cat Food Bills, Vet Bills, Power Bills and The Business Center Rent, Daily supplies, etc.

We post them on the kitties Facebook page, we also send them out to the kitties world wide family via our SOS's.
This page is dedicated to the vet bills that are paid every week.
Starting the week of October 23th,2020, we will be posting the paid vet bill here on this page.

The kitty lovers of the world deserve to see where their hard earned donations go.

We believe in 100% transparency in all of our dealings.
Chrissy and Rick do not get paid. 100%

With out the support and the love of the kitty lovers around the world, we could never do what we do for the kitties under our care.

Thank you ever so much.

Mad Kitty Love

Rick & Chrissy & Da Kitties